Master Reiki, Attained!

I am very excited to announce I have completed my Reiki Master Teacher studies!

IReiki Master cert

I began my reiki education many years ago, 2004, by participating in a Reiki level 1 class.  A good friend, Bill Northern, encouraged me to learn about energy healing to allow me to serve my horses better.  I had recently moved to the Eastern Shore of Maryland and was not sure what was available.

After conciderable searching I found a three day Healing Hands class, over the July fourth weekend.  Anyone living near the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, in the summer knows it is not a fun place to be.  The other somewhat down side of this class is it was very expensive.  I continued my search.  Low and Behold, ask and you shall receive, I read about a Reiki Level 1 class being offered at Evergreen Cove in Easton, MD – 10 minutes from my home!

I phoned Bill to tell him of my find.  He said,” Take it!”  I did!

As I walked out of my class at he end of the day, exhausted, energized, fuzzy headed, enthusiastic, I receive a phone call saying one of my horses severely injured himself.  I drove to the barn where I boarded my two horses, about 20 minutes away, very anxious.

During the drive I phone Bill to ask what was going on with my horse.  Bill is a world famous animal communicator.  He told me what my horse Chumley had to say.  Bill then said, “You have the tools to assist your horse to heal rapidly.  You and Chumley can do this.”

The vet came out the next day, Chumley had a bowed tendon.  It occurred when he was all but bowing to reach grass on the opposite side of the fence, became startled and stepped on himself as he was regaining an upright position.

The diagnosis was, 6 months to a year of turn out. After 6 weeks of intensive Reiki healing Chumley was back to better than new! My vet was thrilled and very supportive.

I took the Reiki Level 2 class 3 years later.  It has been a long stretch, 2007 – 2019 since deciding to take Advance Reiki Training and Master Teacher.  In the mean time I learned many other forms of energy work.  All of that education makes me a far better energy facilitator.

I have one more level I desire to add to my tool box, Karuna Reiki. I plan to begin this the end of the summer.


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  1. beaners52 says:

    Congratulations dear friend! This is really something wonderful. I admire you so much!

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  2. Congratulations! ❤️


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