Canine Work

I am thrilled to announce Hechter Equine Bodyworks is now offering work with canines!

My experience has shown”(wo)man’s best friend”, as well as humans, respond to different modalities of healing at different times. It is beneficial to have the ability to facilitate the healing of an issue in multiple ways, often during the same session.

I am a facilitator for the dog to be able to heal its own self. While the results can be very powerful and exciting and rewarding, it is the dog who is doing the work. I am an assistant.

Energy Work

Those who are familiar with Reiki, the Japanese art of healing with energy,or Healing Hands, have a general knowlege of what I do.

“Energy medicine employs diverse methods to modify and manipulate the flow of energy within the body. The intent is to realign, replenish or stabilize the amount and the quality of energy within the human body.”

Tuning Forks

When one thinks about the body, it is made up of energetic responses creating vibrations. The forks help align and balance the vibrations within our body.
Sound and Vibrational Healing has been shown effective in not only relaxing and balancing the body as a whole, but in increasing and speeding the healing of many injuries, diseases and illnesses.

I have forks to work deep in the physical body assisting the removal of inflammation from joints and muscles. I also, have forks that work on the energetic level opening blockages in the body’s energy centers, chakras.

Canine Hanna Somatic Education

“Somatic movements are gentle movement patterns that shift the central nervous system to create new muscular habits. These new habits can alleviate chronic muscle spasms and pain caused by overuse patterns.” These exercises are very simple and basic movements done at a slow pace and repeated a set number of times before moving to the next location.

Essential Oil Therapy

In addition to the spectrum of therapeutic touching techniques, I can also utilize and tailor a regimen of Essential Oils for your horse. Essential oils are very successfully used with my own five horses for situations such as: anxiety when the schedule or routine changes, tight muscles, injuries, building confidence and many more.

100% natural does not mean 100% safe! It’s a common misconception that all natural ingredients are always safe, always gentle and never cause reactions. This is just not true. Many natural substances are highly toxic and irritating. Certain plants are deadly if ingested, some irritating to the skin and some have psychotropic properties unsafe for animals. Some plants are safe only in very small doses. I use Kristen Leigh Bell’s book Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals as my go to reference book.

While many commercial products have coopted the term “aromatherapy” to mean any scented product, true therapy using carefully selected and blended Essential Oils to address specific physical and behavioral issues in dogs is something completely different.

This work does NOT replace veterinary care.