My Truth

There are two results I desire to achieve with this Blog.

The first, is to build my business with those wanting to improve animals’ lives.  I possess a passionate eagerness to help animals heal themselves.  For me to accomplish this task, others have to know I exist and to trust my actions and thoughts.

The second aspiration, is to share information encouraging individuals to have the confidence to become a facilitator themselves or find someone they trust to do the work with their animals.

I plan to write about the experiences I have while working with my five horses (Ballast, Baron Slew, Lily, Merlin and Rye), my dog (Iris) and cat (Tailor) at home, and not as often about my barn kitty (Charlene), who is more private than the others. I will cover details  about animals belonging to clients, with their permission.

I believe in sharing what I learn and what works best for me and the animals I assist in healing themselves.  They are very communicative.

The animals ask one thing of me, to be the best I can be during the time I spend with them.

Thank you.

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