I can assist your horse in becoming more comfortable now and for as long as possible. This is about giving your horse the best quality of life, regardless of where he is in his career and his lifespan. And, we all know this: a happy horse is an incredible joy to be around, to ride, to compete on and to take care of.

I assist the horse to improve his posture.  Many of us were taught some of our horse’s weaknesses were due to poor confirmation.  The reality is, many of these”confirmation” issues are truly posture issues that can indeed be changed for the better.

For those who ride competitively or recreationally, the physical and emotional well being of our horses is critical. A horse that is dealing with discomfort or pain, particularly chronic or masked pain, will be a tense, unhappy horse, unable to perform to his or her potential.  One way of making horses more comfortable is to increase the blood flow through the body. As blood moves it carries toxins and inflamation out of the soft tissues allowing joints to function with greater ease.

The equine musculoskeletal system is a remarkable and complex set of structures.


The service I provide to horses (and, as a result, their riders / trainers / owners) has been described as Bodywork. I am neither a veterinarian nor a chiropractor, and I can’t cure a fatal disease or eliminate aging. I am a facilitator in the healing process.

Does your horse have behavioral issues?

• Unwillingness to work

• Unwillingness to cooperate with vet, farrier or dentist

Just like humans, when horses do not feel well they begin by demonstrating an unwillingness to cooperate with their human, often beginning with reluctance while being led in from the field, culminating with major displays of bad behavior while ridden or worked because the horse has not been heard.
The work I do with the horses allows them to be heard and they actually show me where they are uncomfortable usually before I even begin a treatment session.

Is your horse recovering from an injury or illness?

• Longer recovery times after injury or illness

Injury to one area often shows up elsewhere,  horses work hard to compensate for injuries. That compensation often leads to strain and soreness in yet another part of the body. It can be difficult to identify the root of a problem, but the horse can “tell” us where it hurts if we are willing and able to “listen.”

Is your horse at peak performance for competition?

• Sub-optimum scores in competition,

• Irritability

The various techniques I use allow horses to become more comfortable within their bodies by improving his posture. This creates a more relaxed and happier horse. If you are increasingly frustrated or disappointed by your horse’s performance, your ability to achieve your goals and/or your relationship with your horse, IT’S LIKELY I CAN HELP.

Are you transitioning a new horse to a different discipline?

When a horse comes off the racetrack, OTTB’s, often do not know much of “being a horse”, a few do though most do not.  This includes how to be turned out in a field of other horses, how to carry him/herself in a proper rhythm and balance or how to use his engine correctly – amazing as this sounds.  Most of these horses are still babies.  It is traumatic to leave what you know and have been taught to then be transitioned into something that is 180 degrees the opposite, often without much time off in between.

As a horse moves from a life of galloping to jumps moves to dressage, or vice versa due to age, injury to the horse or human, interest by a new human owner/trainer/rider there are learning curves, and possibly physical challenges to overcome.

It has been said, ” Humans are given weeks, months and sometimes years to learn new ideas and ways of doing tasks, horses are given minutes.”  Think about how this concept creates physical as well as emotional problems between a horse and a human.

I can help your horse’s experience be less traumatic, both physically and emotionally.

Do you want to provide your older horse with a great quality of life?

As all animals age, physical limitations often are present.  I can assist your horse grow older gracefully by helping the soft tissues in his body remain elastic releiving some of the stress for older bones.

The “listening” process I use relies on:

• The synthesis of a variety of known therapeutic touching techniques for horses and other companion animals,
• My experience over many years of working with a variety of horses (and horse issues)
• And a highly developed intuitive receptivity to the communications horses offer.

Baron Slew playing with his new BFF.