Robin & cat
Robin and Catalina

The impact of the work that Trish does with horses has proven to not only improve the health and wellbeing of my horses; it has helped to expose underlying issues that would not otherwise be evident.
The evidence was clear when I was given an upper level Lusitano that was completely shut down. He suffered from equine metabolic disease and his body actually appeared deformed. Within 6 weeks using a combination of somatic exercises, energy work, tuning forks and essential oils the horse’s body began to release, his depression lifted, his muscles and his entire shape changed significantly. This allowed us to identify deeper injuries that he had been compensating for, most likely, for years.
Another example of the essential oils and energy work became evident with my warmblood. Every spring he would break out in hives and experience hair loss on his face for most of the summer. Within days of using the immune boosting essential oils, his hives were gone and his facial hair loss diminished significantly.


Robin & Rae PG
Robin and Rae

As a horse person for over 40 years I can honestly say that I am convinced that there is a valid need for this kind of work.
Trish brings a lifetime of experience with horses and I will continue to use her expertise for the welfare of my equine partners.
Robin Dunning





Many Thanks to Trish for helping my three retired racers reach their potential!~Kimberly Godwin Clark



Watching Trish work on her own horses, I was amazed at the noticeable and immediate reactions they gave her. So, I asked her to teach me some of the basics to use on my own two senior horses. They both let me know that they REALLY loved the Bodywork, and I can see that I’m helping them move more comfortably, despite some physical limitations. And they truly let me know that they look forward to these sessions.  I tend to be a skeptic about holistic or alternative therapies, for humans and for animals.

Bo and Bugsley

The most amazing experience I’ve had with the Bodywork occurred when my horse started working on a colic. He has had them before and he has a low pain threshold, so I could tell immediately that he was uncomfortable. I talked to Trish on the phone and she suggested I try to see if I could get him to relax by using some of the Bodywork techniques. As I touched him and moved my hands along his sides and under his belly, I slowly started to hear gut sounds, which got louder as time passed. Eventually, he pooped, and, voila! No colic. I felt like a faith healer!!-
Irene Schmidt

Trish has an uncanny ability to read the horse’s needs and through the bodywork, my horse’s performance and his bond of trust have greatly improved.
Trish has been working with my 15-year-old thoroughbred for about 3 months. He spent many years at the track, retiring at the age of 8 after 57 races. After being turned out, he began his retraining at 9. He serves as my all purpose horse, competing at lower level eventing and jumper shows, in addition to trail riding and paper chases.

Letterman, bank
Jennie and Letterman

Following the first session one could see a shift in his behavior. His demeanor changed from being very wary to calm and he presented a calmer eye. Shortly after starting the treatments he looked forward to the body and energy work. In addition to his attitude shifts, his body shape improved. He is learning to release the tightness in his back which is improving his mobility and suppleness.
Improved circulation brought a shine to his coat that had been absent in the past. He handles new situations better and is easier for the farrier and vet to handle.
Prior to receiving treatment from Trish, he was consistently tense, and tight in his back, had a quirky behavior and was not very trusting of most humans or new situations, all in addition to his vet and farrier phobia which made things difficult. He did not really like being handled or brushed and did not haul particularly well either.-
Jennie Roman

This letter is my testimonial addressing the Canine Unwinding work Trish Hechter used for the benefit of my dog Madison, received February 23, 2018.

winston and madison groomed and proud to look so handsome

Madison is a 10 year old Brittany Spaniel (the Brittany on the left is our boy Winston). He is a bit hyper, nervous and is most comfortable when my husband and I are with him, as is true for most dogs I’m sure but a little more pronounced in Madison. The work that Trish performed with Madison, gave him a sense of calm, allowing him to enjoy his time with less stress and pressure.

He has always been very active. Prior to moving to Saint Michaels, Maryland we lived in Vermont on 12 acres with an acre size pond. Madison and Winston spent everyday running the property and swimming in the pond. Madison put his body through a lot of strenuous movements. At 10 years old he is noticing the results of that enjoyment; Trish was able to release tension points, reducing many of the alignment issues that had resulted over time and use.

We recommend Trish and her work with dogs to our friends and intend to continue using her knowledge and superb skills with our Madison.

Sincerely, Susan Brittin